Thursday, January 15, 2009

So c-c-c-cold....

Why is it so friggin cold?! In DC even. I have played rounds of golf in January in short sleeves. This is the coldest winter in awhile. And it has made me inert. I have zero excuse to not go to the gym but my schedule of late has been:

Wake up at 7:30 ready to take on the world!

Get out of bed - COLD! - jump back into bed for warmth - heat pumps cannot deal with 28 degree weather. I am currently wearing thermal pants and shirt, hooded sweatshirt and jammy pants to bed every night with two comforters and sometimes a hat.

The rest of the days have been as follows: read, doze, have weird dreams where I am back at my old office but invisible, talk on the phone with other unemployed people, sympathetic friends, bill collectors (just kidding, not yet), nap

Then its suddenly after 5 and I go out and have another sympathetic friend buy me dinner

I am bored. I like to work.

I have been filling my days with DR appointments before the insurance runs out. I went to an ear, nose and throat Dr cause every time I fly I seem to get sick. As I was sitting in the room waiting for Dr. Lee to come in I overheard his conversation with the patient in the next room. No, I wasn't spying. But because he spoke only English and the poor woman spoke only Spanish, he did what most people do to try to get her to understand - SPEAK VERY LOUDLY AND SLOWLY. In English.

Now, I mentioned this was the EAR, NOSE and THROAT doctor. So I do not know why the conversation led the topic of, in the words of Dr Lee, "Explosive Diarrhea". I sat there listening to a very loud, and very slow description of what it is like to die from diarrhea. Dr Lee finally came in and asked what was wrong with my ears. I told him they hurt from the 14 cotton balls I stole of the counter and stuffed in each ear to avoid hearing the end of his death by diarrhea discourse.

I also went to the dentist and think there are very few things in life worse than the sounds that all those tools make.

Hmm, so I feel like a grandmother going over all my medical appointments to my uninterested grand kids. I am curious as to how many people read this. Post a comment and let me know.


  1. I have to say, that does sounds like a pretty terrible way to die. This reminds me of when I wasn't working...I would do/plan one activity for the day, be it laundry, grocery store, tailor, and that would be ALL I could do for the day. People would ask me to go do something and I would always say - "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't, I have to go to the store" (understanding, of course, that the store is basically around the corner and would take 20 minutes total).

    Anyway, I'm enjoying the stories. And you've shamed me into updating my blog. And you'd better believe that I'll be linking to yours...

  2. I think you should be searching for a different career.... in writing... You are hilarious.