Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm taking the bus!

Have any of you seen the Simpsons episode where Monty Burns sends Smithers on vacation and tries to take the bus all by himself? And he announces to everyone "I'm taking the bus!". Anyway, that was me today. DC has a very good transportation system. I just have never had to use it very much. But I couldnt justify driving into DC and pay a lot to park when the bus fare is $2.10.

So I dutifully checked the web site, got the schedules and the transfers to get downtown. Then I went 5 minutes early...and waited for 45 minutes. No Bus. OH! I was at the wrong corner. I wasn't sure if another bus was going to come so I called another laid off co-worker to come get me and drive me to DC instead. The bus drove by me as I was walking to her place and I was exactly in the middle of two stops. I am useless.

Other than freezing my toes off, today was a GREAT day. Seriously, the kindness of friends, strangers, colleagues is amazing. I have one amazing lead for a great job already lined up and another call is being made for me to someone else. And tons of people have sent me messages on facebook for jobs as well.

I have sent random emails to people on linked in and gotten paragraphs of responses back with ideas and people to call.

Pretty amazing.

I have 4 stages of this job hunt:
1. Stay in the restaurant industry doing sales - the best shot at getting close to my salary and staying in the industry
2. Stay in the restaurant industry but work at a restaurant at the bar or in management - might be tough to own the condo that way but how I miss tending bar...
3. Find a Sugardaddy - all problems solved!
4. Take a sales job outside of the industry tho I won't be thrilled about it - this option is down the road when I have to start dipping into savings

So to all those who have helped by sending info - thanks! If you fall into #4 with your leads I will definitely keep the ideas filed away in case #1-3 don't work out. Of course, if you have any leads for me...

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