Friday, July 30, 2010

This guy represents America

I love the guy in the background of this picture. 

That's how I feel every time I read the news. 

If only he had stood up Three Stooges Style and bonked their 3 heads together and said "Stop acting like like 3 little kids fighting over one toy and meet halfway you overpaid, botoxed, spray tanned, empty suited morons."

Overpaid applies to all 3. I mean if Congress is going industry by industry saying people make too much I don't understand why they get to make an all expenses paid $200k a year and the President gets to make $400k a year plus room and board and one hell of an expense account. Personally I don't agree with any of the Washington meddling in private pay but well we are at it, how about we look at Congress? 

Boehner is so orange that he is probably the entire source of the government's tax revenue from the new tax on tanning and Pelosi can't even blink she has had so much botox. Empty suit applies to, well, you know who. 

For the record this was from a meeting about tax cuts. As always Obama is keeping up with his class warfare and wants the "tax cuts for the rich" to expire. What he keeps ignoring is that most small businesses pay taxes under this provision, meaning your local deli, 1 person law offices, hair salon down the street etc...and THEY will have to pay higher taxes if it expires too. In a recession raising taxes on small business doesn't seem to make much sense. Apparently Obama didn't take accounting 101 classes at Harvard. But since all politicians, even President Fuzzy Puppies and Rainbows, are all self serving idiots, they cant find a middle ground like maybe changing the code to tax only individuals instead of business. No, that would make FAR TOO MUCH SENSE AND BE TOO EASY. 

I'm not disappointed in Obama because I don't agree with him. Fundamentally I never will. I'm disappointed in him because he was supposed to make Washington better. And part of that is compromise and he has shown zero inclination to back down. The President likes to put all the blame on the Republicans, and its aggravating that so many people buy this from him - they are supposed to disagree - Democrats did it too when they were the minority party. But when the disagreements are so fundamental its the President's job to rise above and be the leader and force them to find compromise to make some progress. He ultimately signs or vetos the bills so he can use Presidential clout to push for something that at least gets something done, if not everything he wants. And he hasn't done that. As far as I am concerned he hasn't stopped campaigning and prefers to get his progressive way by grandstanding in front of the media every time instead of actually being a strong leader. 

By the way, he also broke another campaign promise:

I think my I TOLD YOU SO moment is here...

Ok, this was an infrequent political rant post. I'm allowed. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Defined as....

that feeling that comes over you when you think you lost your iPod or related iProduct and you scramble around like a breathless crazy person until you realize it just fell under the car seat

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I vote for the Storm Trooper on the Toilet

I have lamented a few times about the joys of being single and in my 30's and working from home and living in a new city where I know 3 people. I keep swearing off any sort of online dating as I would rather spend the $20-$60 bucks a month on taking myself out to dinner. Alone. Rather than go out with the anyone left in the pool at this point. 

But after spending a weekend in Bethany Beach where in the last decade it somehow it went from me drinking with my friends up the road in Dewey Beach to me watching a stream of people my age walk by with husband and kids in tow AND being questioned by all my friend's parents about what I am doing to remedy my "situation", I reluctantly clicked a banner ad to sign up for a free dating site today.  Every new site tries to say they have the BEST matching system to find Mr. Compatible - if you just tell them a little about what you want and go through their stupid questions they will send you the PERFECT match. This site has a system where you go through sets of pictures ands clicked on the one of the guy you'd prefer to date.

This was my ACTUAL choice:

Sorry, MulletMan, I vote for the other guy. 

I give up. Where do I buy my 15 cats?