Monday, January 12, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

Well not really...I am still waking up early out of habit but then taking some nice naps in the afternoon. I am a great napper.

I received my PIN number from the Commonwealth of VA today to confirm I am indeed a ward of the state. I always thought I would be much older and much more senile when that would happen.

I am trying to figure out health insurance as the clock is ticking on Jan 31st. Luckily, VA allows individuals to get private insurance so I should be ok for awhile. Plus Cobra is retroactive for 30 days. Hmm, things I wish I didn't need to know that I am becoming well-versed in.

I did a review on my frequent flyer miles and hotel points and realized that after 3.5 years of travelling - I can go on vacation for free for at least 6 days. And I am trying to not feel guilty about it. I mean, in 6 months if I am still without a job, I may look back fondly on those umbrella drinks as I am moving back in with my parents and watching bad spanish telenovellas with my dad.

Its T minus one week until DC goes under siege for the inauguration. I have a new joke for the occassion:

"Whats the definiation of a newly registered Democrat?"
"A Republican who has been laid off."

HAHAHAHA, ugh. I. still. believe. in. the. free. market...Yes. I. do.

And please, hold off on any comments that bash my political opinions. Start your own blog. This one is mine and I will cry if I want to.

Sorry for the short post. My brain is ooze.

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