Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Over...or is it? Muahahahaha.

Due to lots going on and starting a new business, I have ceased to Blog. It was fun while it lasted. I will have a new blog on my website - - that will be specific to my pasta business. 

I am sure, somewhere along the way, I will need to vent again. So good bye for now...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is left in the potential pool is not encouraging...

So some of the dating websites do these free weekends where you can log in without paying the silly monthly fees. I will not lament the uselessness of these sites to me nor field the constant comments of "but I met my husband, or my neighbor met her husband etc etc" encouragements. 

It doesn't work for everyone. Nuff said. But I do like to look. And I like to collect the most inane profile nuggets and share them so those of you who were married long before the invention of these sites leave me alone ("..but whyyyyyyy don't you just tryyyyyyy?..."...."um, how often to do you like to be interviewed on where you are from, what you do, what your hobbies are and even asked your weight and your clothing size by total  strangers? I talk to strangers all day for work and I get paid a percentage for it, I don't really feel like doing it for free at night..."

ANYWAY, here was todays gem on a guy's profile:

"What I’m doing with my life
constantly improning in every way"

Um, maybe its time to get to the spelling phase of improvement...

Free weekend over. O well. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Powerful Women Marry Well or Talk about Sex

I interrupt what was supposed to be another Italy post to bring you the list of Forbes list of POWER WOMEN 2010.

I am no burn my bra feminist but this list is insulting! 

I think Michelle Obama is a fantastically successful woman in her own right.  But to call her the #1 most powerful woman in the world because she married well sends kind of a wrong message to little girls.

"Study real hard, Princess, and maybe, just maybe you can marry a President!"

Cmon! I would think the German HEAD OF STATE should be a little higher. Even Hillary who is the Secretary of State and negotiates with world leaders should get a little more respect than to be two higher than Lady Friggin GAGA. 

And Chelsea Handler is on the this list #33? What does the MALE list look like? I bet there isn't a guy who writes about his one night stands on that list...

Madonna #29? WHY? Maybe in 1986? Also a great message for the little Susies and Jennies "Sex makes you powerful, little ones, heave up your skirts!"

ALL of the female heads of state  - Presidents and Prime Ministers - except for the German Chancellor were ranked lower than Chelsea Handler, Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker.   And all these female Presidents and Prime Ministers were ranked lower than 3 First Ladies - including Maria Shriver, not even from a country but from the state of California. Sigh. 

Hmm, maybe thats why in this country, home of Forbes, we haven't had a female President yet. Guess the people of Iceland, Liberia, Argentina, Ireland, Finland, Australia and Costa Rica are all a few steps ahead of us on that one...

Tirade over. I've got to go find me a husband or write a book about sex. Or maybe I do need to start burning my bras...