Friday, January 29, 2010

Make it Stop! Make Him Stop!!!

A close friend pointed out that my anger lately at the President seemed a little, er, obsessive.

Ok fine, I moved to city where I barely know anyone and I work from home and have a lot of fee time to read the news ok?

I decided she had a point especially after I realized how angry today’s news made me.

My blood pressure reached dangerous levels when I read about how the White House asked the GOP to allow the news media into his meeting with them. So instead of having a real discussion and making peace he turned it into a news event. The guy never stops campaigning. You can’t be bipartisan with TV cameras on. Both sides blew the one real chance at any real dialogue because they were trying to get in pretty soundbites for their campaigns. That's what polticians DO when you point cameras at them. The President, who was born with a microphone coming out of his mouth, KNOWS THIS - he KNEW it would tuen into the debacle that it did. The guy has no intention of ever reaching out and changing how DC works...Does everyone see that now? Oh, one more thing - Republicans, who are your political advisors? The Tasmanian Devil and Elmer Fudd ? How stupid where you to walk into this trap?

ANYWAY, so I put myself on a news blackout. I can’t change anything by having daily heart attacks so why bother. No more. Nein!

SO…. since my beloved Syracuse Orangemen are 19-1 and may very well be ranked #1 next week, I decided to read about them on
And I saw this headline:

"Obama administration exploring legality of BCS"


Is there any friggin part of my life you WILL STAY OUT OF, OBAMA!?!?

*&%^%^$%$er, ##@#@%^*&^(*()&*&^&%er, ^%^^%$$$$$#$#$#@$@#$@$#@!@$%#^%!!!!

Oh wait, you did choose to stay out of helping me with my mortgage after I lost my job through your stupid useless program....

Actually, oddly enough, this won bipartisan support from Orrin Hatch (R) of Utah whose team was passed over for the title game...Hope and Change, baby!!!

Please, please leave my sports alone. Leave me this one thing.


What are you going to do next - tax rounds of golf?


So many of my posts end with that these days.



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