Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There were a few points that riled me up in the State of the Union tonight, but for now, Im putting those aside.

I really wish he had just said:

"Im inviting, no, wait, I'm the President - I'm ORDERING, the Congressional leaders of BOTH parties to the White House, you petulant botoxed millionaire children that you are, and we are going to lock ourselves in a room for a week and figure out what we agree on, what we can get done.

Then you will go back and do it and announce it together so people have faith in government again. 7am tomrorow. Wear comfy clothes. Lunch will be provided from the White House Garden but we're going halfiies on dinner - its a recession people. See ya". Sigh. O well.

At this point throw us a small bone like a bill that just does ONE thing -
like get rid of the pre-existing conditions clause for health insurance -
no add-ons, no special clauses just ONE THING.

It would mean so much right now. That would be change I could beleive in.

Sigh. One can hope.

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