Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Morning Tirade (unfurling the Don't Tread on Me flag today)

I didn’t want this to be a political blog but I cant hold back anymore. If I can educate even ONE person on the lies of omission by Obama , I will have done one good thing.

Don’t believe the Main St vs Wall St campaign lies coming out of this guys speeches.

The banks giving bonuses PAID THEIR MONEY BACK WITH INTEREST TO THE GOVT- it NOT YOUR TAXES. "The government has taken profits of about $1.4 billion on its investment in Goldman Sachs, $1.3 billion on Morgan Stanley and $414 million on American Express. The five other banks that repaid the government...each brought in $100 million to $334 million in profit."

Citi and Bank of America paid back in December. It’s the auto industry and AIG that haven’t paid back – why not focus on them?

And Obama wants to tax the banks that DIDNT TAKE ANY MONEY. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/01/14/politics/main6096968.shtml

"We're not going to let Wall Street take the money and run. We're going to pass this fee into law," Obama vowed...http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE60D1PA20100116

What did they take and run? They PAID IT BACK! aaaaaaahgghh! Is anybody checking the facts?

Please find me the line in the constitution that says the federal government can and should have a say in how much a PRIVATE COMPANY pays its employees? Or was that a line from some document in the Soviet Union or Cuba?

You: "But Obama says we want our money back?"

Mr. Hope and Change is just as bad as any other old ordinary politician.

He is using your fear and ignorance and soundbites to make you think that Wall Street bankers are using your tax dollars for bonuses. They aren’t! He is trying to sway the voters of Massachusetts to vote for the Democrat. That’s all this is - look at the timing.

He never had a press conference last summer to announce the bank pay backs. He doesn’t want you to know the government made Billions in profit when the money was paid back.

Why is Mr. Unite using divisive politics to pit us against one another? So someone makes a heck of a lot more money that you because they work on Wall Street. Stop whining, go get a finance degree and join them if you are so angry. You have a choice (for now, who knows what industry is next on the government’s radar?

This is not good policy that will help our country - this is just poltiics. All this is is a warm up to the elections in November - he is trying to brand his party as the party of the people and the Republicans the party of the rich.  Meanwhile there are 237 millionaires in Congress (who each make $175k a year plus expenses) and the President makes $400k a year in pure profit since he has no rent or expenses either. Why isn't anybody taxing THEIR pay?

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  1. What is happening in Massachusetts should enrage people... sad thing is that it's not...