Monday, February 1, 2010

News Blackout - Major Non- News Headlines

So I have been on my news blackout to avoid losing my mind.

I do enjoy reading the news with my morning coffee so I have limited myself to reading the "Living" or "Leisure" or "Lifestyle" or "Travel" or "Dining" pages on the news sites now. No political news, opinions, business, or major news headlines etc...

After just one day, I think I'm dumber now.

Top Headlines in the non-news pages:

Giant Condom Balloon to Tour World
Cat Living in Nursing Home Has Ability to Predict Death
Inventor unveils $7,000 sex robot
What never to say to a single woman
Cleo, the breakup kitten
Surprising uses for your dishwasher
Man Caught at Airport With 44 Lizards in Pants
Inmates Get Time Off Sentences for Yoga
Naked People to Descend on Sydney Opera House
G-Spot Study Explodes into Controversy
Trucker: I Was Choking on Chili When I Hit the House
Dog Shoots Hunter

No, I did not make any of those up. Sorry I didn't include the links. I think I lost some key brain cells and forgot how.

Though my "news blackout for sanity campaign" may not work giving the over-exposure of our President who seems to need TV cameras more than air to survive. I went to a bar to enjoy basketball this weekend...and there he was...again...Mr. O. At the Gtown game. Giving interviews. I can't escape him. I am starting to understand the pyche of people who go live in cabins in the woods. Can't he just go to TX and clear brush for half of every month like the other guy? Why's he gotta be in my face all the time?

I'll just go back to reading about gun toting dogs, crazy truckers and sex robots until 2012 (one can hope).

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