Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Greeting Rankings

My ranking of long distance birthday greetings:
  • Facebook friend request from random acquaintance you wouldn't have recognized if they sat next to you on a plane but found you again thru Facebook cause you went to school together: Acceptable
  • Facebook Greeting from a close friend: Questionable, consider Christmas card list removal
  • Text Message: Double points
  • E-Card: That is SO 2003, but triple points
  • Phone call: Consider giving kidney to these people if needed
  • Text Message from friend of 26 years who sends it as a joke now because I called and complained about my birthday text last time she sent one pointing out I knew her in 3rd grade and deserved a phone call: priceless, also gets kidney, maybe even liver if needed
  • Birthday Card in mail: Thanks mom and dad. Does anyone else still do that?
  • Flowers: HUGE. I got a pretty yellow bouquet. From a boy? Nope. From my client.  
Oh, I'm not individually judging anyone either. I'm the worst birthday rememberer there is...

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