Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Age

A pre-birthday story....

I was at my gym last week. It has this fancy little kiosk you sit in and it takes your blood pressure, weight, body fat etc each time you workout. Then it uploads it to a website. I like it sit in it every time I go cause it tracks my workouts (not to obsessively weigh myself) and the little bar graph is ever so slowly ticking down on all measures (slowly though). 

I was sitting in it when this group of high school kids was being given a tour at the gym. It looked like some kind of youth wellness program. The teacher taking them around pointed at the machine, looked right at me and said:

"That's a blood pressure machine for when you are old...."

Lucky for her my arm was sucked into the blood pressure cuff and I was trapped or I may have thrown a dumbbell at her head. 

Happy non-milestone, meaningless, 34th birthday to me. 

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  1. EVIL teacher and NOT at all true! You are a SPRING chicken!! Happy Birthday, Chris