Thursday, April 8, 2010

Layoff Smayoff

So, this was originally started as a blog in response to my layoff. I probably should give an update.

Let's see its been 15 months and I can say with 100% confidence:...

  • I now work at a company that despite the recession is doing well
  • I no longer waste my life stuck in DC traffic
  • My cost of living is half of what is used to be
  • I never collected a penny of unemployment
  • My apartment is bigger than my condo
  • My apartment doesn't require a monthly visit from Tyrone the pest control man
  • Other people are paying the mortgage on my inflated Northern VA condo
  • I can go hiking every day after work a state park near my house and not worry about rush hour traffic
  • When I go out my tab is usually less than $20
  • The other day the cashier at Rite-Aid insisted on giving me 6 cents so I didn't have to break a $20
  • People seem less stressed and better able to balance work and life and therefore are much nicer
I am still getting used to apartment living though. Its not much different from the condo - I still share a wall on each side with neighbors.  But if something breaks, I don't have to pay for a new one. 

Currently I have loud house music man on one side.   

One the other side, I have the woman who was blasting sad breakup music very morning. It suddenly stopped. Apparently she has a boyfriend again. I had to re-arrange my furniture so my bed is on the opposite wall. 

Overall, it could be worse. 

I love it here in NC. 

But I will never be a Duke fan. 


  1. Any luck finding a Syracuse Mcnabb jersey so you dont have to wear a Redskins one? :-)

  2. Not for less than $150...I might get one made up. I refuse to buy a Redskins jersey and contribute to Danny Snyder's fortune.