Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I vote for the Storm Trooper on the Toilet

I have lamented a few times about the joys of being single and in my 30's and working from home and living in a new city where I know 3 people. I keep swearing off any sort of online dating as I would rather spend the $20-$60 bucks a month on taking myself out to dinner. Alone. Rather than go out with the anyone left in the pool at this point. 

But after spending a weekend in Bethany Beach where in the last decade it somehow it went from me drinking with my friends up the road in Dewey Beach to me watching a stream of people my age walk by with husband and kids in tow AND being questioned by all my friend's parents about what I am doing to remedy my "situation", I reluctantly clicked a banner ad to sign up for a free dating site today.  Every new site tries to say they have the BEST matching system to find Mr. Compatible - if you just tell them a little about what you want and go through their stupid questions they will send you the PERFECT match. This site has a system where you go through sets of pictures ands clicked on the one of the guy you'd prefer to date.

This was my ACTUAL choice:

Sorry, MulletMan, I vote for the other guy. 

I give up. Where do I buy my 15 cats?

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