Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Modern Technology

I'm pretty reliant on a GPS when I travel for work. Going from club to club or office to office these last few years, I can't imagine actually having to look at a map and write down directions...

Anyway, I was in Dallas for only the 2nd time in 6 years last week. I;m not really familiar with the city. I was staying at a Sheraton in some part of town I do not recall or even know because the GPS got me there. 

I do actually use Mapquest to figure out how far away my meetings are from each other so I know when to get on the road. Mapquest told me my 10am meeting was only about 2 miles away from the Sheraton. 

I allowed about 15 minutes before the meeting to go the said 2 miles. I went to the car (a Chevy HHR, a glorified station wagon, so cool) and typed  the address into the GPS. Hmm, I thought, that looks oddly familiar. 

I saw I had 1.8 miles to go. I started on the one way road, and made a whole bunch of right turns down one way streets. I kinda felt like I was going in a big circle...which I was. Cause I ended up in the building right next door to the Sheraton 10 minutes later thanks to lights and stop signs and one way traffic patterns. 

Thanks, GPS and Mapquest 

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