Sunday, February 28, 2010

Origins of Curling

Congrats to Canada on their Curling Gold Medal.

I watched the gold game? death match? Er, whatever they call it in curling...

I was thinking to was this game? drunken pursuit? invented...

This may have been how it went:

Canadian #1 "It's cold, eh?"
Canadian #2 "We're drunk, eh?"

Canadian #1: "Mom said we're supposed to clean up the yard around the frozen pond. Come help me push this rock out of the way"
Canadian #2 "Lemme go grab more Molson and a broom, eh?"

Canadian number one pushes rock across frozen pond.

Canadian #2: "Lemme clear out those leaves from under that rock...."

Canadian #1 "Wow look at that rock go...gimme another beer. Call John and tell him to get over here with another broom and some plaid pants, eh?."

Well, I don’t know if that really how it happened but I do know the Canadian curler John Morris is my new favorite Olympic Athlete:

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