Thursday, June 11, 2009

Political Rant

This picture is what led to this rant. ugh. THIS is our leadership? UGH.

Dear Rush/Newt and all the other white haired men who think they speak for the GOP-

I want small government too. That's why I am a Republican - difficult as you make it these days.

I want the government out of private business and my wallet.

Individual freedoms aren't just economic. They are personal.

You can either have big government or not have big government - But you can't have it both ways .

And by not having big government that means you stay out of people's bodies, churches and closets in addition to their wallets.

Its simple. Small means unobtrusive so stop obtruding (is that a word?).

We can't be led by a bunch of old men who believe that life begins the moment the man unhooks a women's bra.

We can't be led by a bunch of people who believe religion should have a place in government as long as its their religion.

We should celebrate and respect that if two people pledge to love each other and support each other and build a life together than it doesn't matter if their parts don't fit like the Bible says they should. Let them get married.

"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves" Abe

Will anyone have the guts to stand up and take this party back and swing it away from divisive social issues?

Remember the GOP stands for the Grand Old Party? Lets take the emphasis of of old and put it back on Grand. Remember - the party of Lincoln and all that? The party that stood up to slavery?

Where is a leader when we need one?

Maybe I should run this party? But I need my AARP card apparently.

And just to make sure I get to keep my GOP card:

Dear Obama and Nancy (3rd in line, help us all),

Entitlement is a dirty word. Stop it. Its "Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness". Pursuit does not equal guaranteed happiness. The government at its best needs to make sure everyone has equal access to the starting line but it shouldn't decide who gets to win the race.

The answers are not in Washington - they are in the individual innovators and the private sector if the government doesn't choke it to death before it has time to save us all. At its worst, government stifles innovation and progress - why innovate and take risks if we all end up with the same in the end anyway?

Handshakes and hugs aren't viable national defense strategies.

Making money isn't wrong, bad or evil. People with money aren't wrong bad or evil.

And to both sides - two things:

1. One can be Pro Life and Pro Choice. This one issue shouldn't define every single political candidate in every single election in this country. There are other important issues in this world. There are ways to protect both life AND individual freedoms. Not everyone will be happy with compromise but not everyone is happy now watching the two extremes define the issue. So do the jobs you spent millions trying to get. And LEAD, don't follow (the money).

2. Can we disagree without being disagreeable and avoid the personal attacks? Our problems are serious so do your jobs...or your pink slip comes in the next election then you'll know how it feels. The VA max unemployment benefit is $378 a week. How's that sound? Can you live on that? That will barely pay for your Viagra, GOP "leadership".

(Note, I know I didn't mention Michale Steele above as a GOP leader? Who the hell is that most of you ask? Exactly - He is a follower who got voted in as the puppet chairman of the RNC. He does useless things like boycott Letterman and apologize to Rush. When he acts like a leader I will call him one.)

Rant over. But that picture was too good not to have fun with....

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