Sunday, June 28, 2009

There should be an IQ test in addition to an Age Requirement to buy alcohol...

I realized not enough is happening to me these days for blog fodder and I didn't want this just to be a political blog (sometimes I read the news and I just can't help it though)

Anyway, lately I don't have full stories to write but just one or two observations that I feel the need to share...

Man buying beer from beer cart on golf course from VP, Beverage Operations (er, beer cart girl):

"Is the beer cold?"

Me: "Yes"

Captain Obvious: "That's because of the ice"

Me: " "

It causes me mental anguish ,and even slight physical pain, sometimes to not be able to answer how I really want to but I can usually peg people who don't like sarcasm and he was one of them. I think reading people well is one of my best talents - so just went away, banged my head against a tree a couple times to level the IQ playing field and moved on.

Actually, maybe I was a little too wound up because later that day I put my foot through a glass door at pro shop. I was carrying a case of beer and used my foot to open the door when I heard it pop. Luckily it was safety glass and my foot didn't go through but the good people of Fairfax County had to pay for some overtime for the guys to fix it.

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