Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Smooth Sailing - nothing to write about...

...but I will post anyway cause I like attention...

I am woefully behind in updating for the following reason:

I work from home. There is nothing exciting about my life anymore. I was waiting for another calamity to strike but since in the last few months I have been laid off, dumped and stricken with the flu, I will happily embrace boredom, good health and emotional stability.

Hmm, "dumped" and "laid off". I think both those terms are terrible. Lets euphamize (I think I invented a word!).

Laid off implies you will get to go back to the same job someday. But "fired" doesn't really work either cause that means you did something vile to a coworker that they either really enjoyed but HR didn't approve of or didn't enjoy and you now have a restraining order in addition to no job...But either way, it means you deserved to get fired. SO neither word works for me to describe my situation and those of oh, about 500,000 others in the last week. So, I am going to go with "Let go". In fact, I like that term to replace the term "dumped" too. In both cases, I was "let go" and quite frankly am better off in each situation!

Oh, I never wrote about my new job training....Training was great and I am loving this new job and give daily thanks that 1. I have a job and 2. I have a job I like and will probably be pretty good at it once I get into the swing of things. Ha, swing. Ha. I work in the golf industry. HA. Ok, I promise never to post again if I am digging this deep for material....

Just to remind you all (three readers) that I am still a walking comic strip:
In addition to having to call in sick on my 2nd day of work (re: flu) I also spilled an entire hot cup of coffee on my lap during lunch with my new CEO at his country club. I think at the time I was telling some GREAT story and had gotten so excited I swiped my cup dumping (agh there is that word again), I mean spilling coffee onto my brown (yay, lucky for me!) pants. I like to make lasting first impressions like that on people like CEOs who decide my employment fate.

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world. We missed you. Can't wait to hear some more GREAT stories, coffee spiller.