Monday, February 9, 2009

Ode to the Flu

Dear Flu

You came on to me slowly
Then quickly swept me off my feet
I shivered when you came closely
Oh, how you had me beat

But now our time together is done
With a power smoothie and spicy thai food, I am finally well
Gone is the OJ, Motrin, Relenza, Delsym, all the meds and then some
Oh Flu, we are thru & you can go straight to hell

Phew. I have finally joined the living after a week of being the flu's bitch. That was miserable and I am getting a flu shot every season now. I am also taking vitamin C by the barrelfull as I am sick of being sick with something or another every 6-8 weeks it seems.

I started the new job but am still too tired to type a full entry. More later.


  1. I think you should print this out and scotch tape it to your wall like we did in Newell 4

  2. Carm,

    I know I'm a bit late in commenting but I just found your blog. You are simply hysterical! I had the flu this season too...AFTER I got a flu shot! Thanks for the laughs. Your blog is terrific.

    Tonya '98 (and former Newell 4 neighbor)