Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Record Update

So I received a very kind and very nice email message from a Colgate staff member last week. Wishing me well and asking how my little one was doing and commenting on how big she must be getting.


Apparently, my alumni record at Colgate had me listed as having a kid. I can only hope Colgate finds her rightful parents and returns her to them. I will probably be getting recruitment letters from admissions in about 17 years if they don't...

But anyway, my brief stint as a parent of a future colgate student ended with my "WTF?" email reply.

I thought the Colgate email was going to be plea to become the new University President since that is an open position now. I am still a little insulted that I haven't gotten the call up yet...I mean who is more qualified than a former class president? Did I say former? I meant "President for Life" or maybe that that should be "former class president who needs a life"?


  1. Congratulations! I had no idea :)
    Seriously, though, when did Chopp leave?

  2. Remember what they did to the Roman Dictator-for-life...
    et tu, Rudy?