Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is left in the potential pool is not encouraging...

So some of the dating websites do these free weekends where you can log in without paying the silly monthly fees. I will not lament the uselessness of these sites to me nor field the constant comments of "but I met my husband, or my neighbor met her husband etc etc" encouragements. 

It doesn't work for everyone. Nuff said. But I do like to look. And I like to collect the most inane profile nuggets and share them so those of you who were married long before the invention of these sites leave me alone ("..but whyyyyyyy don't you just tryyyyyyy?..."...."um, how often to do you like to be interviewed on where you are from, what you do, what your hobbies are and even asked your weight and your clothing size by total  strangers? I talk to strangers all day for work and I get paid a percentage for it, I don't really feel like doing it for free at night..."

ANYWAY, here was todays gem on a guy's profile:

"What I’m doing with my life
constantly improning in every way"

Um, maybe its time to get to the spelling phase of improvement...

Free weekend over. O well. 

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