Thursday, October 7, 2010

Powerful Women Marry Well or Talk about Sex

I interrupt what was supposed to be another Italy post to bring you the list of Forbes list of POWER WOMEN 2010.

I am no burn my bra feminist but this list is insulting! 

I think Michelle Obama is a fantastically successful woman in her own right.  But to call her the #1 most powerful woman in the world because she married well sends kind of a wrong message to little girls.

"Study real hard, Princess, and maybe, just maybe you can marry a President!"

Cmon! I would think the German HEAD OF STATE should be a little higher. Even Hillary who is the Secretary of State and negotiates with world leaders should get a little more respect than to be two higher than Lady Friggin GAGA. 

And Chelsea Handler is on the this list #33? What does the MALE list look like? I bet there isn't a guy who writes about his one night stands on that list...

Madonna #29? WHY? Maybe in 1986? Also a great message for the little Susies and Jennies "Sex makes you powerful, little ones, heave up your skirts!"

ALL of the female heads of state  - Presidents and Prime Ministers - except for the German Chancellor were ranked lower than Chelsea Handler, Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker.   And all these female Presidents and Prime Ministers were ranked lower than 3 First Ladies - including Maria Shriver, not even from a country but from the state of California. Sigh. 

Hmm, maybe thats why in this country, home of Forbes, we haven't had a female President yet. Guess the people of Iceland, Liberia, Argentina, Ireland, Finland, Australia and Costa Rica are all a few steps ahead of us on that one...

Tirade over. I've got to go find me a husband or write a book about sex. Or maybe I do need to start burning my bras...


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