Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adventures at the DMV

I just finally went to get my license in NC. You have to take a written test. If you get 6 wrong you fail. 

I dont want to talk about it except that the trip ended with me telling at some civil servant all dressed up like a little soldier in a "DMV Examiner" Uniform:

"I have an MBA....seriously?"

Uniformed lady laughed at me. I think the guy who didn't speak English next to me passed. 

Most of the questions are common sense but they throw in a  few doozies just to confuse you. 

What Percentage of highway deaths are cause by alcohol?


I didn't know if it was 67% or 38% (its 38% by the way, seemed low to me). What does that have to do with getting a license? We all know its wrong and dangerous to drink and drive - does knowing the percentage make any difference? 

"I want a another beer but I'm driving. Hmmm, only 38% of deaths are caused by alcohol...well, those are good odds, gimme a Bud"

So here I am reading the manual...I have learned:
  • You should not attempt to shave while driving... 
  • "Exemptions to the seat belt law: A driver or occupant with a professionally certified mental phobia against the wearing of vehicle restraints"
  • There is actually a statute for this down here: "Law on Transporting Children in the Back of a Pick-up Truck". You 'd think it'd be illegal...NOPE:
    • "The statute does, however, contain some exemptions. The provisions for proper securement of children do not apply: If an adult is present in the bed or cargo area of the vehicle and is supervising the child..."
  • When trying to pass a vehicle the manual advises you to BLOW THE HORN. What? 
    • "Blow the horn to signal the driver ahead. The horn signal places the driver of the vehicle you are passing under a legal obligation to help you pass."
    • I never knew this....I thought blowing the horn gave the driver a legal obligation to show you their middle finger...? 

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