Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do Something

I was reading an article about the Fort Hood shootings today and this line made me pause:

"Other unarmed soldiers in the area also began to sprint toward the gunfire."

Most people would run away.

I am always humbled and awed by the bravery of our volunteer soldiers.

As Veteran's day comes up this week, do something-

Donate to a Wounded Warrior Charity, sign up to send a care package to a solider, go up to someone in uniform and say "Thank You", just do something to show these men and women some appreciation.

Here are some ideas: - adopt a soldier and send a care package once a month. You can do this for less around $20 to $25 a package including postage. 1900 soldiers need adopting! - The Bob Woodruff Foundation provides resources and support to service members, veterans and their families to successfully reintegrate into their communities so they may thrive physically, psychologically, socially and economically. - A listing of other charities that help the troops

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